Privacy Statement

The names and email addresses given on this journal's site will only be used for the stated purposes of this journal and will not be shared with anyone else for any other purpose.


Peer-reviewed manuscripts will be kept strictly confidential. Reviewers should not share manuscripts or content of review reports outside of the peer-review process, reviewers must not exchange manuscripts or discuss their content. Unless they want to reveal their name by signing the review report, reviewers will remain anonymous to the authors.

Conflicts of interest

Reviewers should decline to review a manuscript from an author in situations where they:

  • Have a recent joint publication or current submission with the author
  • Share or have recently shared affiliation with the author
  • Collaborate or have recently collaborated with the author
  • Have a close personal connection to the author
  • Have a financial interest in the subject of the work
  • Feel unable to be objective in reviewing the submission